New features ahead of the 2017/18 season

29 July 2017 - The introduction of video assistant referees for all Bundesliga matches in 2017/18 is not the only change. At the start of the new rights period running until 2020/21, new media partners will join long-term ones. At its heart, the fixture list and scheduling has not changed much for a number of years. Clubs will also have further individual marketing opportunities on their sleeves and on substitute boards.

Media rights

  • Information on your local Bundesliga broadcaster in your country or territory can be found on the header of
  • The second fixture on Sundays will now kick-off at 18:00 (German local time) instead of the previous 17:30.
  • There will be a maximum of five Bundesliga fixtures per season at 13:30 on a Sunday and five at 20:30 on a Monday, primarily to benefit clubs who have been in UEFA Europa League action.
  • Any individual club in 2017/18 will now be able to take part in a maximum of eight Saturday evening top matches (18:30) instead of the previous limit of six.
  • Only two Bundesliga 2 matches will take place on a Friday instead of the previous three.
  • One match more than previously will be played on a Saturday in Bundesliga 2, meaning there are three fixtures instead of two.
  • If there is a Bundesliga fixture on a Monday, then there will be no matches in Bundesliga 2 on that day. In those cases, an additional Bundesliga 2 match will be played on the Saturday, meaning four instead of three fixtures.

Shirt sleeves

  • Following the expiration of the partnership with Hermes, clubs are now free to use the left sleeve of their kits for individual marketing from 2017/18. The surface area of the imprint may not exceed 70 square centimetres. A maximum height of 12 centimetres and width of 8 centimetres is permissible.

Substitute boards

  • Also following the expiration of the partnership with Hermes, clubs are now free to use the upper half of the substitute boards (both front and reverse sides) for individual marketing. The maximum height allowed is 20 centimetres, with a maximum width of 58 centimetres. The lower half of the board (9x54 and 9x45) will continued to be used by the DFL GmbH to promote its own platforms or campaigns.
  • For the first time in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2, two substitute boards will be employed in matches. The team official responsible at each club will enter the shirt numbers of the players during the match and hand the board to the fourth official for the substitution. This internationally employed practice should assist the fourth official in following the events on the pitch more closely before the actual substitution takes place.


  • For the first time clubs are allowed to show the entire 90 minutes of action parallel on video screens.
  • Roofing over spectator seats is now obligatory in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 for the start of 2017/18. The minimum amount of seats for Bundesliga fixtures is now 8,000 (previously 3,000), whilst that figure is 4,500 (previously 3,000) in Bundesliga 2.

Match ball

  • The Adidas “torfabrik” ball will be employed in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 for the eighth season. Striking turquoise crosses with black and yellow details adorn the 2017/18 model. There is also a prominent orange winter ball for greater visibility with lilac instead of turquoise crosses.


  • Following the promotion of Bibiana Steinhaus (38), a female referee will take charge of a Bundesliga match for the first time. The police officer from Langenhagen, Lower Saxony has taken charge of 80 Bundesliga 2 matches since 2007.
  • All Bundesliga referees from last season will also form part of the video assistant referee team. That includes Dr. Jochen Drees, Günter Perl and Wolfgang Stark, who all retired from active refereeing at the end of 2016/17 after reaching the statutory retirement age of 47.
  • The salaries for referees, assistants and fourth officials will also be increased for 2017/18.