Bundesliga Foundation to be rebranded as 'DFL Foundation'

2 June 2017 - The Bundesliga Foundation will be known as the DFL Foundation from 1 July of this year. The new name underscores the special relationship between the foundation and its benefactors.

"The rebranding creates transparency and clarity. It shows that the Deutsche Fußball Liga and the 36 professional clubs are fully behind the foundation and its societal objectives," said DFL president and chairman of the board of trustees, Dr Reinhard Rauball. The direction and scope of the charitable objectives of the DFL Stiftung, which was founded by the DFL e. V. and the DFL GmbH in 2008, remain unchanged.

"The DFL Foundation not only incorporates the activities of the 18 Bundesliga clubs, but also the wide-ranging efforts of of the 18 Bundesliga 2 clubs. The new title takes that into account," said DFL CEO and deputy chairman of the board of trustees, Christian Seifert.

The DFL Foundation continues to campaign for integration and participation in society, the support of athletes in other sports as well as ensuring children and adolescents maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.